Kristen Spanza

I was tired of being taken for granted by high fee financial advisors, that never seemed to place a call or contact me. When I realized that I was paying them over $4000 a year for no service, I decided that I could do better.  Boy did I discover how easy it can be, if a little nerve-wracking at first.

My objective is to help people take control of their dreams and goals, by showing you how to get your money to work for you.  Many just want to know if they are on track to retire, some want to retire early, others need a coach to get them started on self-directed investing.

Currently, I teach an evening parents’ course “Post Secondary Money Secrets” through the Delta School District, after I discovered that funding post-secondary education is more complex, and less expensive, than we think.  With a vested interest to make saving for post-secondary education as efficient as possible, I dug into the facts, exposed the myths, and will share the results with you.   Look for the course in the Delta Continuing Education Registration.

I am a parent of two teenagers in the Delta School District, a professional engineer, and part time instructor at BCIT.  Having recently completed the Certified Financial Planner educational program, (and exams!) I am certified by the Financial Planning Standards Council as a  FPSC Level 1 financial planner, and have been coaching clients since 2017.