Fee-only Financial planning.   I do not manage financial portfolios, charge percentage fees, or sell financial products.   Similar to a lawyer or accountant, these rates are based on hourly fee for service and advice.

Pre-Retirement Plan

Do you need to know if you have enough money saved for retirement?  Which accounts to draw money from, and how much you can draw each year?   The pre-retirement plan is designed for individuals or couples with more than 5 years until retirement date.

Includes - Free 30 minute consult, 1 hour goal setting and information gathering, 30 minute review of options, a detailed Financial Plan report, and 1 hour final presentation and discussion.

This package costs $2000 and represents approximately 18 hours of effort from your financial planner.


Monthly Plan


Take control of your financial future with a monthly check-in.   In addition to receiving the Pre-Retirement Plan, starting in the third month, this plan includes monthly 50 minute check-ins for your future.  We will work through questions that you request, from a list that may include: ideal asset allocations, self-directed investing, Post secondary education saving approaches and canada student loans, investing to improve your tax situation,  choosing insurance to fit your needs, estate planning, comparing job offers and valuing workplace benefits, etc.


This plan costs $1500 up front, with a $200 per month retainer, minimum of 6 months;  includes all services for "Pre Retirement Plan" and starting in the third month, a 50 minute coaching call and 1 hour per month of analysis and support.

$1500 initial fee plus $200/mo (Minimum 6 months)

Financial Coaching only

Perhaps you do not need a full Pre-retirement financial plan, but are looking for coaching and support in taking control of your finances and investments directly.

This is a monthly fee, we will complete goal setting over the first 3 sessions (initial call, data collection, response), and continue in the third month with coaching on topics of your choice.

Most people choosing this plan are starting out with investing and are looking for ways to optimize finances over the next 20 years, including rent versus buy, how to find the best rate home insurance, evaluating a job offer, saving for retirement to optimize taxes, how to execute a self-directed investment strategy.

Includes: Free 30 minute consult, Data collection and goal setting interview, and review of options, and then monthly coaching sessions.

Fee:  $150 initial fee, and $200 per month